varallisuuden hallinnointi

If the customer wishes to free capital from his/her property investments so that some of the invested capital will remain in properties, we offer an indirect but tax-efficient solution to do this. This solution is a fund model that allows the customer to define the sum s/he wishes to invest in the property. We acquire the remaining capital by either using an equity instrument or a debt instrument. 

In this model, the changes in the fund investments gives the customer the opportunity to benefit from the added value generated by our expertise – alternatively, the customer can liquidate his/her fund share.

We will be responsible for the management of the fund. These management services cover all areas of property maintenance, including financial management and financing.



Our company operates based on a strong network model. The model allows for the resources to be divided evenly to various needs, enabling cost-efficient services. This is also reflected in a high investment/profit ratio of services produced for our customers.


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