Helsinki Airport hotel of 206 rooms. Will be opened Q1 2020. Planning phase going on. Company’s role is developer/concept creation, tenant search and project management.

Spahotel sveitsi, Hyvinkää

Apartments, Mäntsälä

KIINTEISTÖ OY LARIX, taivaltie vantaa

Revival of the Sveitsi Rantasipi hotel in Hyvinkää and extending the concept into a spa complex with a wide range of services, including film and adventure centres.

Construction of the project completed, and hotel opened in late autumn 2017.

The investment is part of Sveitsi Kiinteistörahasto ky, which is administered by Finesco Capital Oy.

Helsinki Property Profit Ltd functioned in the project as an advisor in financial, funding, construction, and property matters, and as an investment calculation consultant. Kari Kontturi has also been a member of Finesco Capital Oy’s administrative board. The aim of the project was to establish a residential plan of 43,000 gross floor m2 in the area next to Härkävehmaantie Road. The planning of the area has started and the aim is to start the construction of privately financed housing in 2018. Construction will continue throughout the next decade to the end of the 2020s.

The apartment building complex constructed in the centre of Mantsala with 68 apartments. The project completed in early 2018.

Helsinki Property Profit Ltd has acted in the project as an advisor in financial, funding, construction, and property matters, and also as an investment calculation consultant.

A modern 11,885 gross m2 office building completed in 2001. Helsinki Property Profit Ltd has acted as an advisor in developing the business operations of the property, including both its offering and rental activities. The renewed brand and renting strategy were made ready in late 2016. Profitability enhancing actions started.


Aalto University Campus Development process, 2009–2015
Managing director of Aalto University Properties Ltd
Total gross floor area of the properties: 330,000 sqrm
Value €530 million
Investments in 2010–2015: approximately MEUR 100 (mostly renovation projects)
Public and private spaces in Vantaa City 2004 – 2009
Managing director of VTK Properties Ltd
Total net floor area of the properties: 75,000 sqrm
Balance sheet value (31 December 2008): MEUR 85
Investments in 2004–2009: approximately MEUR 50
Private development projects 1997 – 2004
Project manager in Lemminkainen Corporation (later YIT Corporation)
Offices, one theatre school, housing buildings
Total net floor area about 50,000 sqrm
Construction management 1995 – 1997
Construction manager of Apsilon Construction company
C. 25 projects of logistics, housing renovation and, public buildings in Southern Finland


Our company operates based on a strong network model. The model allows for the resources to be divided evenly to various needs, enabling cost-efficient services. This is also reflected in a high investment/profit ratio of services produced for our customers.


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